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Building a custom home is very exciting. As the homeowner, you have input into the design and finishes of the home that will make it unique. The last thing you want is for your new custom home to look exactly like everyone else’s. When it comes to the exterior, LP SmartSide siding products are a great choice for a low-maintenance exterior. Prefinished siding has many advantages you should consider. LP SmartSide products including LP lap siding, vertical panels, shake panels, trim, and soffit can be custom prefinished in almost any color you can imagine. Custom prefinishing means you get a high-quality finish free from overspray, runs, and brush marks finished just for your custom home, commercial property, or remodel project.

What Prefinished Colors Are Available?

If you have a specific color or scheme in mind, let us know. There is a good chance it can be created and applied in our factory. You can also have the siding prefinished in one color while using another color for the trim and soffit.

If you’re undecided on a final color, don’t worry, you are not alone. The first question is, would you prefer a solid color finish or one of our stain finishes?

Legacy Pre-Finishing Custom Solid Colors

Solid Colors

Our website has 35+ solid LP siding colors to choose from and each color has been brushed on the actual product so you can see the texture and sheen. Included in our selection of solid colors, we have several timeless colors such as Cape Cod Gray, Cinnabar, Oyster Shell, and Wedgewood.

We also have designer colors such as Alabaster (White), Intellectual Gray, Urbane Bronze, and Gauntlet Gray. If you have a color that you love and want to use, contact us and we will be happy to create a sample for you to see on LP SmartSide cedar texture or smooth siding.

Stain Finishes

A great way to get a finished product that looks like actual stained wood is to use a stain finish. We have 15 natural stain finish colors designed to enhance the wood grain cedar texture. A traditional wood stain should never be used on LP SmartSide siding products. Our proprietary process requires each board to lay flat for proper application. Our stain finishes are available on products that have a cedar texture. Cedar textured siding profiles include traditional lap, vertical panels (for board and batten design), shingle panels, trim, and soffit.

Custom prefinished LP SmartSide lap siding in Silver Ash Stain finish by Legacy Pre-Finishing
LP SmartSide Custom Prefinished in Silver Ash Stain Finish – Legacy Pre-Finishing

What is the best way to find the right color for my house?

If you’re not sure what color you want to use for the exterior of your home there are several ways to help you decide.

First and arguably the best way to find a great exterior color is to hire a Home Designer or an Interior Designer. He/She will be able to find colors and textures that fit your vision. Some designers may even create a small storyboard of colors and products so you can see how it all ties together.

A second option would be to visit your local paint store and ask to speak to a color consultant. These color consultants work with designers on a regular basis and they can provide you with color charts to let you know what colors work best together.

On-line Visualizers are another method you can use to see how colors work together. However, there is a color discrepancy from one computer to another based on the quality of your monitor and if it has been calibrated. Our own website has issues showing an exact color due to differences in monitors.

The very best way to see the exact color is to obtain a physical sample of material and color. This is a required step before any order is sent to production so we can ensure you are signing off on the correct color.

How to get our samples

The best way to obtain one of our samples is to fill out our contact us form and fill in the color(s) you need in the details section. It usually takes a couple of days to prep the samples and mail them out to you.


Building a custom home is a very rewarding experience and one you will never forget. Many of the details are up to you including interior and exterior design/color(s). With our custom prefinished LP SmartSide siding, you get a high-quality finish in your choice of color whether it be a solid color or one of our stain finishes. All of our prefinished products will be finished to order just for your custom home or remodel project.

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