Frequently Asked Questions about siding profiles, siding materials, best practices, colors and more!

Prefinishing 101

What Is Prefinished Siding?

Why Prefinishing is a great choice in Cold or Wet Climates

Are there any special instructions for handling and storing prefinished products on my job site?

Siding Profiles

What is Dutch Lap Siding?

What is Channel Rustic Siding?

What is Tongue and Groove Siding?

What is Nickel Gap Siding?

Siding Materials

Can LP SmartSide Products be stained to look like wood siding?

What is KWP Siding?

New Rustic Weathered Siding


What Is Haint Blue?

Fiber Cement Siding that looks like wood?

Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze as and exterior color?

Exterior Color Trends for 2021

Custom Colors for LP SmartSide

Color of the Year 2022

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