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When building a custom home, choosing the right siding material not only impacts the curb appeal but also the amount of maintenance required by the homeowner. There is no doubt that natural wood products such as Cedar or Cypress are highly sought after for their beautiful texture but the maintenance level can be more than desired. Homeowners looking for a longer maintenance schedule can turn to a custom stain finish to simulate real wood on fiber cement board as an alternative. 

How can I get a custom stain color on fiber cement?

Here at Legacy Pre-Finishing, we specialize in these types of finishes on fiber cement siding profiles including lap siding, board and batten and shake/shingle siding. With our proprietary factory machine paint process, we can apply these finishes in fifteen or more unique colors. The process is done in our facility where we can control the paint application to eliminate runs, sags, brush marks, and other paint application issues. 

The only downside to this type of finish is that the material must be laying flat to ensure proper coverage and to achieve the desired look. This type of finish is only for new material not existing siding on your home. If you already have fiber cement siding on your house, getting a stain look is virtually impossible. 

What Products Are Best Suited for this stain look?

Our stain finish is best suited for cedar textured (wood grain) products only. The textured areas are highlighted during the application, and that’s what makes the final product look like real stained wood siding. Cedar texture siding is available in lap siding, panel (for board and batten design), trim, shake/shingle panels and soffit products.

What Manufacturers’ Products Can We Stain?

We can apply these stain colors to any fiber cement product from Allura/Plycem Fiber Cement Siding, James Hardie, and Nichiha as long as it has a cedar texture.

What Color Choices Are Available?

We have fifteen stain colors available at this time including four fantastic colors in the brown family including Barnboard, Hemlock, Jacobean and Red Teak.

Our Barnboard color is a dark brown with black accents to mimic the color of an old weathered barn. Our Hemlock color is more of a traditional brown that looks like stained cedar siding. Jacobean has a touch of gold, brown, and green again to make it look like real stained cedar siding. Red Teak has just a touch of red, brown, and gold that makes a custom home look like a true natural wood exterior but without all the maintenance of real wood. 

If you are looking for a lighter stain color we have four beautiful lighter colors we are sure you will love including Beechwood, Cedar, Legacy Wheat, and Maple.

Our Beechwood color is a very light golden yellow with brown accents that really make the cedar texture in the fiber cement look like real wood. Cedar is a very popular color and has a darker richer golden color that looks like a natural stained cedar board. Legacy Wheat brings more of a golden brown tone out that looks fantastic on all fiber cement siding profiles even shingle panels. Maple is a touch darker than the Cedar stain and can be used in conjunction with Cedar to make a really unique natural wood stained custom home.

For those homeowners looking for more of a old red rustic barn or just a red tint stain you will love these four colors; Dark Holly, Mahogany, Redwood and Rustic Barn. 

Dark Holly is a beautiful red with black and brown accents that really look like an old weather faded red barn. Mahogany is more of a rich reddish-brown that looks great all on its own and even as an accent for a modern home. Redwood has more red in it than Mahogany but again this is a great color to use for an accent or it can be used in conjunction with Mahogany for a two-toned wood siding look. Our Rustic Barn color is not quite as dark as the Dark Holly but looks like an old faded red barn. 

We have two green stain colors that are really beautiful and can be used as a whole house color or as an accent section on a custom home.

Our Silver Ash stain color has a hint of gray and a hint of green and has been very popular over the past couple of years. If you’re looking for something with more of a natural green look the Sagebrush is the color for you. The green is not too dark and not too light with hints of black to really set off the cedar texture of the fiber cement board.

If you prefer a weathered gray look check out our Slate color. This gray has lighter and darker highlights that really make the cedar texture stand out. This color can be used as an accent color as well.


Are Custom Stain Colors Available?

Custom stain colors have been created in the past to meet the desired look based on our clients’ needs. Because all of our products are finished to order we have the flexibility to blend special colors or sometimes color match existing stain colors.

Are These Products Available Locally? How to order?

All of our products are made to order just for your specific project. However, we do have distributors with store displays or samples on hand so you can see the final product. Please call us for a distributor near you and at the same time, we can answer any questions you may have. If you are interested in obtaining samples we can do that as well and can take that information by phone or by the contact form on our website. If you need instructions on how to store your new prefinished siding on the jobsite before it is installed click here. 

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