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Ah, the beach! Just the mention of that phrase generates memories of long hot sunny days, the sound of the waves crashing on the beach, or a family vacation getaway for fun in the sun. One undeniable thing about the coast is the homes take on an entirely different personality, nothing like the homes in the city or suburbs. Vibrant blues and greens, with an occasional yellow or red hue, dot the landscape that is otherwise flooded with natural dark greens from the local flora, mixed amongst the light gray sand of the dunes.

One thing is for sure, there is not one right color for a beach house. Even if you like the color blue, a wide variety of shades are available to match your vision. It’s possible that the color you desire stems from an early reminder of the beach as a child. For some, it’s the bright Aqua color found in the Caribbean; for others, it’s an all-white house with large windows. The combinations of colors and styles are endless. Still, we have compiled a collection of nine beautiful colors that would make excellent exterior colors for a custom beach (coastal) home, designed to start the creative process.

Gulf Stream on LP SmartSide Lap Siding

Gulf Stream

This beautiful dark blue color is a custom solid color designed to represent the dark blue water of the Atlantic Ocean. The darker shade will make a large house look small and a small house looks even smaller. Using a bright white trim will produce a nautical theme that is very attractive.

Adrift on James Hardie Lap Siding


Adrift is a medium to a light blue color with just a bit of green. It can be a bright blue but not too bright. This timeless color from Sherwin Williams works well with a bright white as a coordinating color (for trim and fascia).

Dockside Blue on Allura Fiber Cement Lap Siding

Dockside Blue

This beautiful light blue/gray color is also a timeless color from Sherwin-Williams. The color is still dark enough to work well with a Pure White (SW7005) trim but not so bright that it will overpower your neighbors

Seafoam on James Hardie Lap Siding


Our Seafoam color is a custom blend designed to look like the bright turquoise color of the Caribbean Ocean. This bright color would be very attractive for a small ocean bungalow or a commercial project like a beach retail store.

Sycamore on LP SmartSide Lap Siding


Sycamore is a beautiful light green that will blend into the natural surroundings and looks good anywhere, not just on the coast. It is a neutral color that blends into the surrounding greens found in palmetto bushes, small coastal trees, and natural grass areas. It’s dark enough to create a contrast with a bright white trim but not too dark. If you prefer a green/gray tone, see our 2022 Exterior color of the year post.

Evening Shadow on James Hardie Lap Siding

Evening Shadow

Evening Shadow is one of those colors we discovered when trying to match the color of the sand dunes at Oak Island, NC. This is a Sherwin-Williams color and part of their neutral palette for interior and exterior applications. Even though the color can be seen as a light gray/beige, it is dark enough to be paired with a bright white trim to create a classic clean look.

Banana Cream on Allura Fiber Cement Lap Siding

Banana Cream

If you’re a big fan of a yellow house, a few yellows look good in a coastal setting without being too bold, and Banana Cream is one of them. This light shade of yellow will work well for a beach house to create a bright, sunny look that is not overpowering. However, yellows have had a tough time standing up to the full-time sun exposure and may require a shorter repainting schedule.

Pelican on Allura Fiber Cement Lap Siding


Pelican is a timeless medium gray color that is at home on the coast as well as inland. This is a beautiful shade of gray that looks fantastic with white trim and other accents such as a Haint Blue color for the front door.

Oyster Shell on LP SmartSide Lap Siding

Oyster Shell

Oyster Shell is perfect if you’re looking for a beautiful, timeless neutral color. This is more of a dark beige with a hint of red that again looks great with bright white trim. A sophisticated, timeless color that looks natural at the beach or inland, perfect for a custom home.


These nine beautiful colors would make excellent coastal colors for a new custom home or remodel. All these colors can be applied in our factory to Fiber Cement siding products from Allura, Hardie, or Nichiha before installation. They can also be applied to LP SmartSide products in your choice of siding style (Lap, Panels for board and batten, Shakes, and more).

If you don’t see a color that fits your vision of a beach home, we recommend consulting an exterior designer. A reputable paint store such as Sherwin Williams, Ben Moore, or PPG will have a designer available to help you find the right look. You can also contact an independent professional home designer to help as well. These professionals will have knowledge of the local color palettes that work well in the area, especially with sun exposure. Once the color has been decided, let us know, and we can custom finish your new siding.

If you have questions or want a quote, please contact us by e-mail at or visit our contact us page.

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